Simulated Animation Effects Week#7


  • Added support for animations that update position by value
  • Documented partly and pushed box2dtools for review

/* Excuses (why there’s next to no progress this week):

While my finals were going on last three weeks, they affected my progress quite badly. Finding time and content to write the blog posts got pretty hard during this time so I’ve started unwillingly delaying them to have at least some content to share.

This resulted in me posting in a cumulative delayed fashion, so last week I was only able to share my blog post Wednesday morning.

After that on Thursday and Friday I had finals so I wasn’t able to commit enough time to the project resulting in pretty minimal content to share today.


So after the last blog post, I have added support for animations that change positions by value ( AttributeType::PosX and AttributeType::PosY ). They pretty much share the same implementation with path motion animations.

While doing so realized a logic error in my implementation which caused animation effects to skip updating bodies on the last frame of the animation causing a slight inaccuracy problem when they are over. To fix it added an option to delay the update event for a specified amount of box2DWorld steps.

Lastly, partly documented box2dtools and pushed it for review (going through the errors and getting it ready to merged at the moment of writing)

This week, I will work mainly on creating complex shapes in the box2d world (up till this time every shape was simulated only by their bounding box), also will get the commits in my experimental branch ready to be merged and push them for review to gerrit.